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Clicking Sounds & Distortion



If Someone could please help me with my problem I'm having with either the new Roxio Creator 12 or with my new desktop with Windows 7 ver. 6.1 service pack 1...I would surely appreciate it!!

The problem I'm having is clicking noise followed by distortion and usually at track 5 or 6, I am able to play the CD on my WMP, but not on my Home cd players. I've wrecked a number of cd's trying to fix this! I am coverting LP and tapes to CD Wav files and making them into CD's, I've tried what seems like everything possible to fix this anyone out there have any solutions??



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How about answering a few questions? Go here.


Try turning off your anti-virus and any mics you have on your computer.


Give us information on your computer. via dxdiag. Attacch the file, do not copy and paste the text. Go here


Does it happen ALL the time and about the same place (time)?


What brand of CD are you using; can you beg,borrow or ... a different one. Tyr also burning at a lower speed than the max.

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  • Error code or issue: None that I have been aware of
  • What kind of project were you working on: creating Cd's form LP's and tapes
  • What kinds of files were you using and where did you get them? created a single wav file from LP or tape, then edited file and created individual wav files
  • Did you complete your project or did it stop at a certain point in the process? No
  • Have you ever successfully completed the task that you are contacting us about? Yes, but when I tried playing on home cd players, I get the clicking and distortion
  • Did you make any changes to your computer recently? (new applications, updates, etc) If so, what? not anything out of the ordinary


Does it happen ALL the time and about the same place (time)?:Yes it does and seems to always start on track 5 or 6


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Thanks guys, my problem was the the first thing I should have checked and that was the burn speed! I lowered and now everything seems to be fine!


Thanks again and good job!! :)


Be curious to know what speed you were burning at when you had problems ? And what burn speed did you use when it worked O.K. ??



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