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Hooking Up Roxio To Non-Hd Tv

Kenny Lee


Hi. I recently bought a Roxio and Im having issues seeing it on my television. I watched this video and followed every step.


I used the exact same cables as shown. I also watched this video and used the exact same cables

I actually watched this one first and since it didnt work I watched the second and bought the xbox cables to see if that would work. I had the same issue with both. It works perfectly fine on the computer. I can hear it on the tv but the screen stays black. My computer meets alll the system requirements so Im thinking it might be with my tv. I know the yellow output on the tv isnt messed up because as soon as I plug in my xbox like you normally would the screen goes back to normal. What am I doing wrong?
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On the cable that comes out of your Xbox have you got the switch set on TV not HDTV. In the the first video you posted it is shown around the 1:40 min.


Also make sure you have the right settings in your Xbox for TV (not HDTV).

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In the picture below is the type of cable you need, is this what you have?.






I have shown were the cords are connected. This is what the 1st video you posted is showing (about the 40sec is were he describes this)

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Yep I have the exact same one!!!!!!! Set on tv and not hdtv. I have another regular tv I tried to plug it into but it is doing the exact same thing where it works perfectly fine on the computer and you can hear the sound on the tv but no image.

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Just to review:


Xbox ok when plugged directly into TV ( NO Roxio unit involved).


Xbox plugged into Roxio unit ...sound ok (Roxio unit good)


Using the the new cable from the Xbox, plugged directly into the tv (roxio NOT involved in this configuration) no picture.


It is either you have a bad Xbox cable, or the wrong setting in your Xbox.


It has nothing to do with the Roxio capture unit . In your configuration the video does not go through the capture unit, just the sound, and that's ok.


Sorry, I am out of ideas.

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Let us know what you find.





To change the screen format

  1. Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and then select System Settings.

  2. Select Console Settings.

  3. Select Display.

  4. Select Screen Format.

  5. Select Normal or Widescreen, depending on your TV's format. See your TV user manual if you don't know the format for your TV.

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