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Roxio Game Capture Cd Doesn't Work



My CD keeps saying VRT VOLUM and is blank inside the contents. Then half the time is says Blank DVD. I dont know why it does this it worked before im using the same laptop i downloaded it on before. This is my second Roxio i purchased for a new CD cause it did it last time. Both times I took it to fry's where i bought it and it did the same thing for them. My PC specs are


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Oh the first time i exchanged it but they didnt know what to do for the second time


It's a DVD not a CD!


VRT VOLUM has nothing to do with your disc IMO. Do you only one DVD drive in your PC?


Have you tried it in another PC?


Open device manager, expand the DVD/CD-Rom Drives, right click your drive, click uninstall, reboot the PC and Windows will reinstall the DVD Drive with the correct drivers. Now try the disc again.



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