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Damaged File, Viewable As Mp4 But Cannot Convert/copy To Dv File For Play



I took a Video using a 4th generation Ipod, which created an MP4 IMG file which I offloaded to my Imac and I can play right up until the last 17 minutes of the 87 minute video and then the video freezes and only the audio plays.

I tried converting this to a DV file to burn to a DVD but the beginning video shakes violently for about 9 seconds then freezes, but plays the audio right through to the end. I tried to simply copy the MP4 file but it has the same problem, I tried starting the copy 2 minutes into the file but got the same result.

I assume the file has a damaged start (header record?) is there anyway Toast can edit the file to skip the bad header and/or correct it ? Roxio knows there are 29 chapters, it just can't seem to get past the bad start to the first one.


Is there anyway Toast can access the file headers, to make repairs or bypass them ?


Its frustrating to be able to view the raw MP4 file but not be able to migrate it to another medium to view elsewhere.


Any thoughts ?




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