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How To Create Videos For Upload To Youtube? [Roxio Creator 2012]

We No Speak




I’m new to Roxio (ex-Nero user) so please bear with me.


I’d like to make several videos I can upload to YouTube that contain songs (personal material composed and performed by me).


Rather than a static image, I’d like to include a slideshow of images (again, personal images created by me).


I have no clue where to begin and would appreciate some advice.


I’ve quickly gone through the help files and Learning Center with no success.


I’m using Roxio Creator 2012, version: 13.5;, Build 135B90A, R13; 05B86A, R03


And the home page looks like this:




Any help to get me started would be appreciated.


Thank you…

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karri has made some excellent video that should help you. Look at them here. Edit Video Advanced is also known as Video Wave.


While you are in Edit Video Advanced, you can select to output then "Share to You Tube". Note: Some people have no problems with it and some do. It seems to be tied into the sign in options with YouTube. Those that do simply use the YouTube uploader. In that case, select the output then export to a file type that YouTube accepts at the resolution that you want.


One note: If you want to work with high definition and get the high definition options, you must start by creating a new 16 by 9 project. If you do that, you would have bars on the side and perhaps on the top of the picttures. You can select a pleasing color for the background for those images. If you select to try to fill the screen with the images, they will be cut off (height).


You may also find this helpful. -Work flow strategy.


Edit: Nice computer. Make sure your video card driver is up to date. The program will just work better that way.

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Many thanks DG,


Looks like exactly what I need. I can't follow up yet - we lost power at our house and I'm on my laptop with a USB WiFi, so I'll have to view the links later.


And yes, my graphics card was recently updated with the latest drivers.


And yes, this computer really smokes - I'm totally spoiled.


Thanks again,



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