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Blu-Ray Space Remaining Incorrected Calculated

Peace Freak


I am having serious problems with Toast 11.0.6 and after not being successful I downgraded to 11.0.4.


For the last five days I have been trying to burn a Blu-Ray disk with four separate movie files that total about 19GB of data.


I started off using Customize settings in Options and chose a bit rate of 20mbps and Reencoding Never. Back in the main Toast window I checked the "Space Remaining" and it said something like 700 or 800 MB. I decided it would be best to make a Disk Image and after 12 hours of encoding the Disk Image was ready. (Early 2009 MacBook Pro 13inch, 2.26 GHz) I then started the process to burn a disk but to my surprise it STARTED ENCODING AGAIN! It took another 12 hours only to end up giving me a message saying "There is not enough free space on this disk: 23.76 GB are needed, 23.31 are available."


What happened to the reliable Toast we all used to know??!!


So I tried lowering the bit rate again, and 24 hours later almost exactly the same thing happened! I did this a total of three times and each time I got similar messages...


I then decided that the custom bit rate settings were not the way to go and I used Automotic Encoding with Best. Space Remaining in the main Toast window showed 177.8 MB.


This time, rather than waste 24 hours for two encoding sessions I thought I would burn a disk directly... 12 hours later I get a message saying: 30.92 GB are needed, 23.31 are available.


There are MAJOR MAJOR problems with Toast 11. I am not sure what I should do at this point. The movie is long overdue for my customer!! Really makes we want to move to Windows!

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I pretty sure this is the first time I've read a post describing this issue. When you attempted to burn the first disc image were you using the Image File setting in the Copy window? If so it makes no sense to me that Toast would start encoding. Toast shouldn't even know that it's a video; it is just a data stream with the disc formatting included. Your other experiences astonish me as much as they do you. I don't know why any of that happened.


I do think 20 mbps is too high for an average bit rate but that is just a personal view. Did you have MPEG2 or MPEG 4 as the format?


I was expecting your post to be about the problem with the menu not working properly with four titles on the Blu-ray disc. So even if you do get this burned you may still encounter problems if you are using 11.0.4.


You might try the Toast 11.1 beta that can be downloaded here. I suggest trashing the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder. In Lion you access that folder by holding down the Option key when selecting the Go menu in the Finder.

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Yes, I was using the Copy window. I have been a Toast user since it first became popular (maybe version 4 or 5), so this was unbelievable. The fact that even using the "Best" setting ended up creating a file that was not a match for a single layer disk indicated something was really astray... I used MPEG-2. Am testing the Beta now. I sent a support request to Roxio/Corel but no response yet.

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