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Toast 11 Compressor To Toast Problems



I use final cut pro. I want to burn a blu ray disk. I exported .mov to compressor, encoded in compressor and ended up with two files. h264 for video and AC3 the audio file.


All I want to do is to auto play the video with no menus.


I put the two files in the toast and it asks me if there is an audio file to go with the video file. I say yes and locate the audio file. After the successful burn, I get a mess.


I either get a self playing movie with no sound or I get a screwed up menu system that I can eventually work through to get the movie going ( and it has sound)


In the menu it has something about a playlist for music. I guess that is referring to the audio that is part of the video. I simply want the two files to go together and either have a simple menu or no menu at all. (that is my preferred method, self playing video)


I thought that toast 11 would be easier to use but I guess not. I do not want to use toast to encode, only to author the blu ray disk


Please help if you can.


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Interesting. I thought Compressor created M2V (MPEG2) video streams rather than h.264. I don't have Compressor so maybe that's one of its options. Had you chosen to have Compressor create a mpeg 2 video stream and ac3 audio stream then I know how to make that work with Toast. I have no experience with a h.264 video-only stream with a ac3 audio stream.


So lets say you go back to Compressor and choose MPEG 2 instead. Now when you drag the video stream to Toast you will be asked (as did happen) to locate the matching audio stream. When that is done you should see both the video and audio formats described with the title in the Toast window.


Next, go to the custom encoder settings window and choose MPEG 2 as the encoder and also choose Never Re-encode. This assures that Toast will multiplex rather than encode the video when authoring the Blu-ray video disc.


Finally, click the menu styles and scroll through them select No menus (which is at the top). Note that this means the video will continuously play. If you don't want continuous play then you need to select a menu style, change everything so that it is all black (including adding a black background) and then choose Auto-play disc on insert but uncheck the continuous play box. That way the disc will return to a menu that can't be seen and just wait.

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