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Finalizing Discs.



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I can not produce a CD/DVD copy that will play on most DVD players.I have followed eject instructions without success.


You posted in General Chat!


No mention of what Roxio product your using or in what application.


Start with details and we will move this to the correct forum.

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AS requested,the Roxio software I am currently using is Creator 9, with both CD_R and DVD R,both playback on PC,but fail to finalize for playback on my two DVD players.


I see I didn't make my self clear!


There is no software called Creator 9. There is a Easy Media Creator 9, and a Creator 2009, bought retail suites. Then there are ones that come pre-installed on your PC free Dell HP and the like.


Now tell me the correct name of your software, important?


Now the application your using, important?


CD's are used for VCD and SVCD, DVD's for DVD Video disc.


We could be here forever unless you supply details of what your doing.


We don't charge for extra words explaining things.

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for the final time ,please read the" roxio system I am using is easy media roxio9"I would be grateful for advice please.


I'm adding this so you can be mad at me for asing the question again and not cd who has been patient so far. Calm done and answer the questions. Are you outside the US so that there could be a language issue?


There is no such program as Easy Media Roxio 9 !


This is the first time you mentioned Easy Media (Roxio) 9 as opposed to Creator 9 which comes free with some computers. Did you buy what you have or was it on the computer? When did you buy it and about how much did you pay for it?


Now, tell us what application in EMC 9 you are using to AUTHOR a DVD. There are about 30 different applications in the suite. You cannot just burn files to a disc and expect to play it on a DVD player. Do you see something named DVD Builder as part of what you have? If not, then you must be clearer in what you really have. Creator 9 that comes free on a computer may not have the capability of burning video DVDs.

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Guessing you're using some version of Easy Media Creator 9 [EMC9]

If you go to Help > About this software, you should get a display something like this




Would you please tell us what the first three lines of information in the grey area say? [Name, version, build number]


Now, which application in your Roxio suite are you using to copy your CD or DVD, please?

[since you're speaking of 'ejecting' I'm worried that you might be using Drag-to-Disc instead of Creator]




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I have been using Drag to disc instead of Creator.


Roger, Wilco. :) Thanks for that. I had worried that might be the case.


Please be aware that Creator 9 has two distinct and very different disc writing systems.

-Creator Classic, which writes standard 'Authored' discs which can be read in most machines without special software, and

-Drag-to-Disc which writes a specially formatted disc using a system called 'packet-writing'.


Packet-writing was a useful system in its day, but it has awful compatibility and reliability problems. Programs like Drag-to-Disc used methods to close discs so they could be read in many computers, but most of the CD and DVD players won't look at them.


If you want to make discs which will play in CD/DVD players you'll need to do it with Creator, rather than Drag-to-Disc.




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