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Can't Create Bd Disc Image - "playlists Are Empty"



I admit, this is my first time trying to create Blu-Ray Disc Image of AVCHD (only) movies (MTS). I have no music.


Problem: Can't create a BD Disc Image due to following message: "One or more playlists are empty. Songs must be added before recording." I click OK and it cancels the Save Disc Image process.


Here are my steps:

Open Toast 11.0.6 (w/Blu-ray plug-in), Select Video/Blu-ray Video. Add AVCHD (MTS) files to window, Merge clips by date (50 clips), Disc almost full (23GB), Select Destination: Disc Image, Select Save, give Disc Image Save As destination, Select Save... this is when I get the message.


I tried this with just a few files (Merged and not), and it works fine. I'm wondering if some of my MTS files are bad?


Any suggestions???



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What you probably need to do is check if a MTS file is the culprit. I'd probably try one-third or one-quarter of them at a time. If the error shows I'd divide that group in half and check one half at a time. Keep doing that until you can pin it down.


But it might not be the MTS file, either. While Toast 11.0.6 should be able to create your disc image okay, it probably can't burn your Blu-ray disc. I suggest downloading the 11.1 beta here and give it a try.

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Great ideas on narrowing down the problem. I will try those tonight.


UPDATE: I found the problem using your method. It turns out that one of the merged files was bad (not a missing a song)- When I tried to open the problem merged folder, it caused Toast to crash, so I just erased the merged folder and reinstalled the files and merged them again. I was then able to create a BD Disc Image!


Thanks also, for the heads up on using 11.1 if burning a BD Disc doesn't work with 11.0.6. I will try that too and report back.


UPDATE: I just succesfully burned a Blu-Ray Disc from the BD Disc Image using Toast Titanium 11.0.6! I did not need to use 11.1.


Thanks "tsantee" for all your help. I think Toast should give you some of their bread, or at least some crumbs!

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