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Choosing Blu-Ray Rendering To Match Vixia Camcorder Setting

Lynn Lynn


This is a question calling for knowing about Canon Vixia camcorders of the HFS10/HFS100 class, I believe.

These camcorders can record in full HD. 1920x1080; 1080 vertical pixels. 24 Mbps or 17 Mbps. The user can choose to shoot in Cine mode, which is 24 frames per second, but I have not chosen to do so. Shooting in FXP is, as those will respond already know, is 17Mbps.


If one chooses 16:9 in VW new productions, one can get a choice of Blu-Ray "Video File Qualities"

I happen to have learned by stepping through the frames in VW that there are about 29 frames per second in my MTS AVCHD source files.


I have been told through this forum that one should match source quality with rendering quality.


What must I do to fully exploit the FXP shooting mode with "Video File Qualities?"

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With my HFS21, I use FXP mode.




Like you, my files are 29 fps...


I had trouble with an earlier version of Roxio and MXP files. Never could pin it down, some files did not work with it... Switch to FXP and never had a problem since.


I have not revisited that issue but the FXP suites me as most of my projects are short enough to fit as an AVCHD on a DVD and MXP has to be downgraded to FXP to work on as AVCHD ;)

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For the 2nd part of your question, the answers depend on your Output Goals...


I mentioned above that most of mine are AVCHD which limit it 17mbps (Industry Standard). With BD you can go higher but if you notice MyDVD does not really contain those choices...


In MyDVD they are "automatically" selected... You can change the 'frame size' by changing the Quality but you have NO control over the frame rate that it will use...


Prior to reaching the output stage, you want to maintain the same Quality of your Source... Don't take it UP, don't take it DOWN and don't try to Equalize it if you have various sources.


Leave it all the same until your final output.


Sometime you may multiple quality outputs - BD for some - AVCHD for others - DVD for yet others - and YouTube for posting...


If you maintained quality throughout, this will not be a problem. HOWEVER, if you have been changing quality for each one as you go, it will degrade plenty by the last rendering.

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If there were a fully comprehensive user manual for CC2012 Pro, I might have previously learned the optimum workflow and option choices for burning Blu-ray discs, by studying the manual and following its step-by-step guidance. Instead, I have just this morning noticed that there is an "All" option in the "Make Movie" window Purpose, and that Video File Quality Same As Original is an option. If one selects "Blu-ray Authoring" that quality is NOT an option. That does not seem to be good program design to me. Now that I have discovered the trick to getting "Same As Original" I will use it everytime it is appropriate to my project.

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A manual like you are talking about would be $60+ on the bookshelf... In this day and age you cannot print a manual and be completive ;) (look at other editors and let me know if you find ANY that have a manual)


But the Roxio Discussion Groups are the BEST around and more than makes up for a manual.


And you should know, something in your recent posts here have sent me back into testing mode :lol: I burned 2 DVD's and a BD yesterday and more to come today... If I reach a consensus about it I'll make a post about it here -_-


THAT is the advantage of a Discussion Group ;)

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If you are looking for a manual, here is one for Creator 2011. The two products are basically the same in most applications. I took a quick look but didn't see anything about the 16 by 9 to get the HD options.


Note: Don't forget the help files in your Creator 2012.


Karri's Video Tips on Video Wave (Edit Video Advanced)


My Miscellaneous videos on video editing.


Roxio'S My Moments


Roxio's YouTube Videos (

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