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Write Error 03/0C/00 At End Of Burn [Split From Different Topic]



I am having basicly the same problem the error that I am get after the disc burns 100%


Write error - Medium error. - "(03/0c/00})

-- Sense Key = 0x03

-- ASC = oxoc

-- ASCQ = 0x00

-- ULONG: Error Number: 130C000A

--String: Error String = Write error - Medium error



I have used Verbatim discs, I bought Roxio 2012 because I thought somthing was wrong the my Roxio 2011.

I have downloaded different codecs because I thought one was missing. I can burn an ISO file and data files but

no movies or music. My computer is an HP with Windows 7. The disc drive is only about 6 months old. I have no

idea what else to try. Please help me.



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Most likely it is your Burner...


Since this was split from another Topic (always better to start a new one than crash into someone elses ;) ) I don't know what you are trying to burn...


Guessing it is a DVD Movie, try this in MyDVD!


Instead of Disc, burn to a Folder Set (note location)


Then use Burn Data Disc to burn the VIDEO_TS folder of that set to a DVD


What happens???


(good idea to use a DVD RW for testing like this)

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