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Ps3 Display Trouble



Hi. I was just playing mw3 in 1080i using my GameCap, turned off the ps3 and took a break... and now when i get onto mw3 it only shows in 720p on my tv. Its so blurry it hurts my eyes. How can i get it back to play the game in a good res.


Sidenote: when i quit the game, the ps3 menu / netflix / other things display in 1080i. But when i go back to the game (mw3) its reverts back to 720p.


Also... I have all the resolutions checked off. So thats not the problem

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No one here is looking over your shoulder to see what you did to change what you were seeing before. Some things you have to figure out on your own.


Yes and somethings you can't figure out on your own or at least haven't yet, and you post on a forum for help or to see if anyone had a similar problem. Only to be trolled on by someone unhelpful. Don't reply unless you have some helpful advice.



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