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Permissions Error After Upgrading To Mountain Lion


Upgraded to mountain lion (MacOS 10.8) yesterday. This morning when I attempt to convert a TiVo file automatically to iPhone format and place it in my "Movies" folder, I get the error "couldn't complete the last command because you don't have the required permissions. Result Code = -5000" Ran Disk Utilities and repaired permissions (none of the minor repairs affected the Movies folder or the Toast) and received the same error. Rebooted. No change. Solutions?


Another interesting fact. I have a cron job that starts Tivo Transfer at midnight so the NewsHour is transferred and, when complete, Toast automatically starts. This AM I saw a dialog stating that Toast wanted access to my contacts and wanted to know if I would give it permission. I said "No." Not sure why it would want access to my contacts. That dialog has not reappeared. Was that the culprit? If so, how can I reset it to allow permissions? Why would it want access to my contacts?



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It is the new Gatekeeper and Sandboxing issue. Go to System Preferences => Security and Privacy => Privacy => Click on "Contacts" in the left window and on the right shows that Toast Titanium is requesting access to "Contacts." I suppose if I checked the box to give it access, it would fix the problem but the bigger issue is why toes Toast Titanium want access to Contacts?

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