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Photoprinting From "creator 10 Or Something



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I can't get Creator 10 to print...equally frustrated because I've used Roxio before it was bought by Corel...not getting any help from Corel since they don't support expired Roxio products.


dancingcat : Let's start off with a couple of things.


Please do not hijack someone else's threrad. That original thread was about Creator 12 (actually it is Creator 2012. You do not have that.


Unfortunately we do not know what you have. There are three possibilities. Creator 2010 (where I've moved this post), Easy Media Creator 10 (a very olfd version) or Creator 10 with a two letter designation like DE). Those with the designation are OEM (free version) of the program highly modified and preloaded on a computer. In order to give you any help, you have to tell us whihc one you have.


A screen capture of the "About page" when you open PhotoSuite" would be helpful.


A screen cap is a capture of what you see on your computer screen. Windows does that and Jing (free) does image capture and short video capture.

How to take a screen shot using Windows.


Explained here (link)


There is also a free program that will take a screen shot and save the image as an image file you can post. The program is called Jing. The free program has enough functionality to do what you need to do.


There are tutorials here.

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