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Lynn Lynn

Must We Render Twice For Blu-Ray And Dvd Projects?


I have read and understood advice in this forum about keeping "same as original" quality. I understand the similar advice for PhotoShop concerning resizing.




The majority of my family do not have Blu-ray players, but some do. I shoot in Full HD. I have finished creating a Blu-ray ISO file for the minority. I chose "same as original".


Now I wish to know if I ought to RE-render my original MTS files for DVD, instead of using the MP4 files rendered for Blu-ray.


If I use MYDVD and simply add the MP4 files rendered for the Blu-Ray project, there will be far too many bytes for a DVD, and I either "fit to disc" or RE-render the original MTS files to the lower DVD quality. Either path involves down-resing.


With respect to PhotoShop, there is a vast literature on resolution and resizing, much of it based on very technical research. I am just guessing that for Roxio, the research is much more anecdotal. The number of Photoshop and PSE users is probably some order of magnitudes greater than the number of Roxio users.


Either technically research based or anecdotally experienced by Roxio users, what is the best way to deal with burning both Blu-ray and DVD from full HD home movie footage?

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I do not!


I work up and complete my Projects in HD. (I prefer outputing to a Folder set)


Then in MyDVD switch to DVD and finish with those...




My family consists of 4 that use BD or AVCHD and 2 holdouts that use DVD :lol:


Of course Two Outputs still equals Two Renderings but it is not necessary to do each and every file/photo to accomplish this.

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