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New To Emc 2012 - How To Remove Video Shake



Having only recently purchased my 'upgrade' to EMC 2012 for a couple of new projects, now that these are complete, they've asked me to see if I can remove the 'jitter' or shake from a very short (7 sec.) handheld video sequence. From the appearance of this, they tried to minimize the shaking by using the surface of a large boulder as support, but I think this person must've had a bit of a 'hard night' earlier... The video is only short sequence in a somewhat 'standard' quality, no doubt from an inexpensive digital camera (original resolution was only 640 X 480 from what the video properties shows me..). The 'shaking' is not terribly pronounced, but a little unfortunate considering the relatively low image quality - but try, I must, to 'stabilize' this short sequence. So how doews one go about 'stabilizing' a video sequence in Roxio EMC 2012? This is most definitely not something I am familiar with so 'step' me through how this is done - IF it is indeed possible...

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Pretty easy...


It is in VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced) under the Fix category (number 3 in this pic)




It adds the segment with a butterfly onto the FX Track (blue track between 1 & 2 in the pic) you can slide it around and adjust the length it is applied.


ALL Things come with a price! In the case of Stabilze, it "crops" the clip because it need to have a border to apply the effect and that 'border' does not get seen.


When you select the Stabilize Effect you will see its' Settings appear and you can control how much.


Some clips are beyond doing much with, but I have useded it successfully on many.


Give it a try and let us know ;)

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