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Multiple Drives - Multiple Labels


My system has two Light Scribe drives in it, I would like to be able to print two labels at a time, but I don't see how that is possible. Once I start the print operation I can't do anything in label creator until the print operation is done. I also don't see how I can run multiple copies of the label creator on one PC at the same time. On my old system I used a virtual PC to run the second drive.


Any thoughts?




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Not possible unless you have a Virtual PC program on this PC :huh:


Less and less programs these days allow multiple instances running at the same time... I guess Programmers need to re-learn what multitasking really means :lol:


About the only reasonable alternative would be to run a second labeling program and set up the same label in both progams... A good trick for that is to do a screen cap of one of them and use that "picture" in the second program. ;)


There are plenty of free ones out there. Post back and let us know how you did it!

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