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Hdmi To Component?



Hi all, im new to this site but I'm pretty familiar with the Roxio Game Capture device as i have been using it for a while now.


I was just looking for a little info on something that i would like to try with the Roxio.


I am thinking about going from a TV (with component connections) to a gaming monitor (without component connections but with HDMI) but i would like to continue using my Roxio as I am only a small time Youtube channel and i dont want to spend loads of money on it to go HD.


What i was thinking is to buy a component to HDMI cable but im not sure if it will work, the link for the cable is as follows;




After thinking about it for quite some time i cant see that there would be any problems but i wanted to get your guys/gals thoughts on this or if any of you have done this yourself and have first hand experience then that would be even better.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this and i look forward to hearing from any of you shortly :)



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What i meant was plugging the HDMI into the new monitor i would like to get, and then the component cables (the other end of the HDMI to component cable; see link) into the Roxio, I have attached a diagram to what i mean, sorry if it is unclear.


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I wouldn't spend my money on it but I'm not buying it.

As far as I know there should be no such thing as an HDMI to Component cable (or vice versa).


The Component signal is an analog signal.

The HDMI signal is a digital signal.

You shouldn't be able to use just a cable.


It's the same principle as a cd player.

A cd is digital.The sound coming out is not.

So in a cd player there is a thing called a D/A converter to go from the digital signal to the analog one.

That's a pretty basic explanation but the same principle applies with a video signal.


If you have a cable like this then from what I know there are a very few select devices that take an analog signal through an HDMI port.That cable will only work on those devices.

I'd be willing to bet money that neither the Roxio device or your telvision is one such device.

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You bet.


Just remember any time you go from a digital signal to an analog one that you can't just use a cable.No matter what you might see online.

There are a few exceptions but they are few and far between.\ and have to be specially made to do so.

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