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Roxio Game Capture Does Not Work With My Tv?





I bought a Roxio Game Capture recently and today I tried to set it up. I bought a HD component cable for my Xbox 360 and put all the wires into the correct ports on the capture card. However, upon plugging in the 'Component Video' cables (the red, green and blue) into the side of my TV I found that there was only the Red and White audio ports, a yellow video input port and a green 'YPbPr' port. Basically, there isn't enough ports on my TV to plug the Component Video cables into. In other words, my TV is not compatible with Component cables.


I am in the process of sending the capture card back, but before I do is there any way I can still use the capture card while maintaining the same quality at the same time? I was told to try buying a 'Component to Scart' adapter or something (I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this sort of thing) but I was told this could affect the quality and I'm not sure if I'm prepared to buy more and more equipment just to solve this issue.


I have an 'Alba LCD26ADVD' TV, it is a 30-something inch flat screen TV.


In addition, I tried plugging the Green 'Component Video' cable into the 'YPbPr' port and my Xbox picture came up on the screen, however it was pink. I then tried plugging the same cable into the Yellow Video port, but it came up black and white and weirdly distorted.


Any help would be appreciated!


Many thanks,


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So, to clarify, where do I plug each cable?


The Xbox Component Cable goes into the Xbox, the R/G/B into the Capture Card input sockets and the R/W/Y into my TV?


Then where do the Component Video cables that came with the Capture Card go? Do I need to use the R/W audio cables supplied with the product or is it easier to simply plug the R/W plugs from the Xbox Component cable straight into my TV?


This is really tricky to get my head around!

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Do you have the Component video cable that goes with the TV?


From what I can find without paying for a manual is that there is a seperate Component cable that goes with it.It has the plug on one end that goes to that green YPbPr port and the other end has the 3 Component connections.


If you don't have one it looks like you can purchase one for about 4 pounds online.

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Nope I do not have that cable. My TV only has a Red and White audio port, a yellow video input port and a green 'YPbPr' port. Ogdens linked me to a similar thread and the solution was put the yellow plug on the Xbox component cable into the video input port on my TV. I'm getting really confused with all the wires though.


The Xbox component cable goes into the back of the Xbox. The R/W audio plugs go into the 'Audio In' sockets in the Capture Card (am I right?) and the yellow plug goes into the 'video input' socket. The audio cable provided goes into the 'Audio Out' sockets in the Capture Card and then into the Audio sockets on my TV. Then where do the 'Component Video' cables go?


This is so confusing! :-(

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I tried plugging in the Xbox component cable to my TV: Red audio to red audio, White audio to white audio. I then tried plugging in the yellow into the yellow port, but there was no signal. So then I tried plugging in the green to the yellow port, and the screen came up but it was in black and white and there were two screens horizontally, as if playing splitscreen. This is without the capture card plugged into anything.


Can someone please explain where I plug in what because it is very confusing and I'm sure there has to be a way it can work without having to purchase a component to hdmi adapter.

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What you need is the cable that goes with the TV.

It does not come with the TV it is an option that you have to buy.

That cable goes in the green plug just like I said.

If you had that cable then you'd have the Component connection for your TV.


Using a Composite cable is NOT going to work.

Get the right cable from the people you got the TV from or go online and find one.I saw a couple of places selling the for cheap.

Look in the manual for the TV and you will see what it is.

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