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Cc2010 Pro. Dvd Data Disk Invisible To Win Explorer

Lynn Lynn


This problem is similar to but not identical to a problem posted in this forum.


My old Dell C: drive is running out of space, with billions of bytes of JPGs, so I burned three DVDs using the Burn Data Disk functionality. (I did not use any copy to DVD function.) Disc Infomation shows 2 of these discs totally full and the 3rd at 3728 MB.


But my old computer Windows Explorer cannot see the disc, telling me to insert a disc. So I tried seeing the disc on my newer computer. CC 2012 Pro "Get Disc Information" sees the discs without any problem,


DVD+R, Closed, Data with today's date.


with same failed Windows Explorer result. If Win Explorer cannot see the disc, no app can use the files burned thereon.Roxio WinExp error.pdfRoxioDiscInfo.pdf


If flash thumb drives or SD cards were not many, many times more costly than DVD blank media, I would offload my JPG files to that media for storage, but the cost of that kind of media prohibits me from going that way. I understand that I could use an external HD, but I want to be able easily and simply to use the JPGs on any one of the 4 computers in my home. No, I do not have one of those small "portable drives."


I need a solution within CC2010 pro, which is on my old computer. If it is within the EULA licensing permission, I could install CC2012 Pro on my old computer. (I cannot use my old computer to process High Def home movies because it is far too slow to permit it.).)

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