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Sound, But No Picture



Help Please! I create my photoshow using Roxio Creator 2012. When I go to burn it the sound burns, but not the photos. I have re-sized the photos to the 640x780 size. It seems like it will work at first, but as I make any changes in layout, sound, etc. the burn stops processing the photos. I have been struggling with this for 4 days. I am trying to get this done today as I needed it later. Any help is greatly appreciated as Roxio has no quick way to get any technical help.


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I have the same problem. I've looked through the forum and see it's not just an isolated problem. Seems no solutions from anyone.


How is anybody supposed to help if you do not supply any information on what you are doing? A step by step description of your process would be a good start.

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Ben's not doing too well... :(


He posted twice yesterday in two different areas!


I the combined his posts and created a new Topic for him, HERE, and sent him an IM with a link to that Topic...


I guess he never noticed the Message Flag in the corner:





Hopfully he will respond to the questions and not just keep posting the same question in someone elses Topic :unsure:

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