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Burn Won't Finish



I know this subject has come up in a few other threads, so (moderators) please move this post to a more appropriate thread if needed.


I am using Verbatim media, but I tossed the wrapper so I don't know if it is from Singapore. My capture went fine and after making a few trims, I burned a 1:24:06 movie to a DVD+R DL disc (I de-selected the "fit to disc" option, presuming that it would tell me before beginning if there was insufficient space). The burn itself seemed to take an appropriate length of time, but it sat on "finalizing" for 30+ minutes. I finally decided to click the "close" button to stop the task, and about 30 seconds after I did that, the application kicked out the disc with the "successful burn" message. The disc plays OK in my PC and DVD player...


Maybe my clicking the close button was coincidental with the actual ending of the finalization process, but maybe not. If the application turned over the finalization to the hardware and it was waiting for a signal that the burner was finished, I can see where it would wait forever if the hardware was simultaneously waiting for something from the software. With so many different brands of hardware, it is very difficult to write code that is compatible with everything. On the other hand, I would expect that the codes required to get a hardware status ("burning", "finalizing", "waiting for input", etc) shouldn't change TOO much between hardware vendors.


Ultimately, I guess this post is just to say that I've had a problem, too, and perhaps Roxio's programmers can add my hardware to the list for possible future updates.

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OK, thank you for taking the time to experiment. If it matters, the source capture file is a single capture of a VHS movie, and I also did not mention that I didn't include a menu. I figured that it would be good enough to put the disc in the player and just jump right into the movie without having to select something from a menu with only one option. :)

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Thanks for the extra info ~ 7% complete...


Well it completed and of course ran OK! (doesn't it always work out that way ;) )


I created a project similar to yours:



note settings



starting out



I expected it to hang here



But it completed



And Plays



My DVD's were some junk DL's (40¢ each) I picked up for cheap testing...


I realize this places you in a perplexing situation... Waste another DL by trying it again? Give up and use 2, 4.7GB discs in conjunction with 'Span Discs' or just beat your head on the wall... :lol:


Double check those settings.


Go into File - Preferences - Render using Software. That will eliminate problems from your Video Card.


Then use a DVD-RW with the Span turned on and see what happens...


Defrag your HDD.


Based on that, try it again :mellow:

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