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Recovering Projects?



Ok, so recently I restored my computer back to its original factory condition because of damage done by a trojan. This deleted nearly every program on my harddrive, including Roxio. Anyways, I just reinstalled Roxio 2011 and I cannot edit any of my projects I was working on before everything happened. I figured that I'd have to do the whole "browse for files thing" but I can't even do that. When I try to open projects directly from the file, nothing happens; and when I try to open it when Roxio is opened, it just previews the video I was working on, or a window pops up that says "This production is missing files. Please edit it and locate the missing files", but as far as I know it gives me no way to edit and locate the missing files.

So my question is, does anyone know how I can open these files as projects and continue to edit them.

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It is curious behavior...


If VW is open and you 'Open' a dmsm project file with missing files, nothing happens...


If you open the same Project file from within VW, then you get the message and click on Show Files:





From there you can pick the file or in this case the 2 are in the same Folder but I had renamed it...






Then it should return the Project the way you left it




Be sure you save it so it updates the locations ;)


Might want to look through this post to avoid this in the future - Here

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Ok, things seem to be working fine now. Well, I still have to do the whole "find missing files thing" for certain audio tracks here and there, but it is actually WORKING. I don't really understand why it started working again, I'm just glad that it is :)

I just remember that I asked a question about it here, so I'm sorry that I didn't respond right away.

Oh, and it wasn't giving me those windows you (Jim_Hardin) posted pictures of, it was acting really funky. Now I'm getting those windows and I'm able to get my files back.

Anyways, thanks for the help!

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