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Label Maker - Lightscribe Image Preview Slow To Appear



I 'suddenly' seem to be having a small problem - but I'm not certain one would call it a program error/crash/ or hang, although it is a bit of a problem for me - or at least just an 'inconvenience'...

Using 'Label Creator' from EMC, I've been creating labels for my Lightscribe burner for a quite a while (like over a year, using more than my current version of EMC), and where once upon a time not long ago I was able to get a pretty fast 'preview' of any given label when I want to 'print' it, now it can take up to a full minute to achieve the same 'preview', :huh: and seemingly, this also happens if I was to choose to simply print to a paper label (yech - phooey - I LIKE LIghtscribe!). So, I was wondering what might have happened - or what I might have done that made this so slow to appear? I DID just somewhat recently 'upgrade' to EMC 2012 from EMC 2010, but I'd be a bit hesitant to believe THIS might have caused this.... We have EMC 2012 installed on my wife's PC and she can do the same thing and get an nearly 'immediate' preview of a label she's making - and her PC is most assuredly NOT the performance level of my new i5 2500K system. She has an Intel Q9550 (2.88 GHz) and 8 GB of RAM under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit - and I have (as I said) a 'brand new' i5 2500K with 16 GB of RAM under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit... so I'm surprised this 'preview' of the image would take more than twice the time as her PC. I've made certain the Lightscribe software is the most current and I've un-installed and re-installed EMC 2012 at least twice, but I still have this recurrent issue of a pretty darned slow 'preview' of the label image. Anyone have any idea why this might be...? Most assuredly, this is NOT huge problem - but 'idle curiosity' makes me wonder why it seems to have happened only recently when it always 'popped up' this preview image pretty quickly before.

Just wondering if I could 'fix' this somehow .... although I admit I am somewhat 'impatient' with things that went 'POP!" before and now do not....

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Well... my 'fix' didn't last long... neither of what I thought were the 'offending' programs are installed, but 'preview' is back to taking WELL over a minute to appear (which is faster than it once was before I started looking into this) ... so obviously I still have some work to do on my computer.

I'm thinking I might have to un-install one program after another - testing Label Creator each time a program is un-installed - until I find the 'critter' that caused this.

By the same token, my wife's PC is still working quite well with Label Creator and not experiencing any problems with this - She routinely gets an image 'preview' in mere seconds - and she has nearly everything (software-wise) that I have installed (albeit that she is not the 'tinkerer' wwith her system as I am), so arguably there's something 'unique' to my system making this delay happen ...

One would've thought that un-installing Roxio - deleting all the folders related to Roxio (from all locations) would've fixed this initially - but such is not the case.... so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this must be something in the registry that was 'hosed'....

But I'll post what my efforts reveal as it happens - no doubt someone else is gonna suffer from this, too... But EVENTUALLY I WILL get this working well again, of that I am certain.

God knows I sure don't want to 'blow away' Windows 7 Ultimate - AGAIN just so I can get this working properly (long story - been down that 'full re-installation' path one time too many in the past) .... But, in the meantime, if anyone stumbles across a potetnial 'fix' - I'd sure like to hear of it...

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AHA!! Fixed it myself !! and thought I'd post what I'd found...

I un-installed a couple of items that I found in my 'installed programs' area from both Microsoft and Intel that seemed to be causing this. One was the "Microsoft Windows 7 Debugging Tool (64-bit)", another was the "Intel Integrator Toolkit" (I build and sell 'custom' PCs and was told this 'tool' was a 'must-have' by a person I should have maybe been suspect of earlier). BOTH of these seem to have caused this - at least in MY PC....

I first un-installed the debugging tool - and it seemed 'faster' - only 36 seconds to get the image preview. Then I un-installed the integrator toolkit - and BINGO! I am back to getting an image preview in under a second.

And I am once again a happy EMC user....

Gotta stop listening to these 'helpful people' at my supplier's forum meetings... These 'suggestions' were no help... fer d****d sure....

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Thanks very much Billz. Just shows you how other 'innocent' programs can get in the way.


Now we'll have to persuade Steve [sknis] to go through his machine and see if there's anything doing the same to his machine :lol:



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