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Is It Possible To Import An Idvd Project Into Toast 11 (Blu Ray Issue)



I've just completed a huge project in iDVD with the intent of burning same to Blu-Ray disks. Bought the burner. Bought the Toast BR Plugin. Tried to burn the project direct ... it failed. Tried to figure out how to get the encoded project "burnt" to a Disk Image and it failed ... iDVD doesn't support Blu Ray ...


Is there anyway to work around this iDVD limitation so that I can use Toast to burn the Blu Ray disks WITHOUT using the Toast DVD creation (in short, I'm trying to preserve the "front end" of the video that iDVD is so good at and use the Blu Ray function that Toast offers).


Thanks for your assistance ....


Bill Arnold


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I'm sorry but there is no way to create this mix. If you choose Save as Disc Image with iDVD you can burn that to disc with Toast using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. But what you'll have is the same thing as if you burned the disc with iDVD.


What I understand you want is the iDVD menu system (which is in DVD video format) to go with HD videos on a Blu-ray video disc. It can't be done. The authoring is not the same. You can have a standard definition iDVD-created DVD on DVD disc or you can have a Toast-created Blu-ray video on Blu-ray or DVD disc but no combination.

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