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Creator Silver 4 Long File Name Dvd Burning Issue



I am using Roxio Creator Silver 4 and trying to burn dvd with files name longer than 128. Truncating the anme is not an option. When I use ISO level 2 (212 haracter file names) option I get error message "Name too long (106 character maximum)"


I checked the length including white spaces and counting from root. It is less than 212


I have also tried using UDF102 with NO Bridge option but it still gives the same above error message.


Can you please help?

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What OS are you using? Where did you get the Silver version.?


That is an Enterprise Edition and support should come through that section.


Have you tried calling them? Start here:



vlp @roxio.com




We are users of the pro-sumer software and there may be something different in your version.

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Keep in mind that "Filename" also includes the entire path of everything that preceeds the file :huh:


Across a Server with named drives and these long winded directory names, it doesn't take a lot to exceed the limits!


TRY copying the files to a new directory in the root of your local HDD and see if it will go :glare:


Otherwise those are the only settings avaliable in Burn Data Disc. And keep in mind this is Optical Media which has its' own Standards and only 'looks' like it is the same as Magnetic Media ;)


Let us know how you make out!


(nice find Jess!)

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