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Too Much Aggravation



I just purchased Roxio a few days ago and I love the videos I have made. But, I cannot share anything so it really is not worth it. If I go to save as MP4 I get an error message. If I email it to someone they get my entire account with my login already signed in and can edit the shows. Forget about facebook I cannot get it to post to facebook at all and I have disabled the security, added the app and gave permission, etc.


They won't accept phone calls for support. I went to corel and they want 38 extra dollars to help me - forget that. I submitted a question via email so now I get to wait and see what they say and who knows how long that will take.


I'm going to play with this for about another hour before I just give up and request a refund. I spent the last several days already aggravated and it is just not worth it.


Now I know why I ususally avoid things like this.

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The more you tell us up-front, the quicker and better answers are given.


Roxio has about a dozen different programs and each of those have anywhere from one to about 30 different applications. Please tell us what you really bought. Are you using PhotoShow? The free version or the membership version.


If you have it online, why don't you just email the provided link? The link doesn't provide anything but the navigation to that particular PhotoShow.


What happens if you select to output it to wmv?

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I am not very good with computers so bare with me. I have Roxio photoshow premium membership. I just wish you could speak to someone - for someone like me it helps more than forums. I save to my channel and copy the link to FB but it gives everyone who opens it my account - still logged in. I can't even log out of the account. I will check out WMV - not sure what that means but I will look for it.


Basically someone like me probably has no business trying something like this. I need something simple - save and push a button and it works. This looked simple enough for me but obviously not.


Thanks anyway

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darn boards screwed up again. I'm editing this to reinclude the images.



Great ! Now we know what we are working with. I assume that you have PhotoShow version 6 downloaded to your computer.


I'm going to post some images; let me know if they help. Apparently you are not having issues with actually making the PhotoShows but you are in sharing them.


On line link: If you are logged into your PhotoShow page, of course it will show you logged in and your log in information.


Try this. Go to your page and COPY a shortcut to the PhotoShow. Log out. Paste the address of the PhotoShow in your Browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc). You should get to the page but there will be no log in information. For example here is a PhotoSHow I made (link) - do you see the log in information?


As above, you can copy and e-mail the link. You also have the option to restrict the people who see the PhotoShow by using the privacy controls.




Note that there is an e-mail option under the preview.


Next, You should have the software downloaded to your computer. If so, open it and select to download the PhotoShow.




Now, if you select share, you have several options. Everything from e-mail to converting the PhotoSHow to a video file. One of the choices is wmv (Windows Movie Video) which can be shared with just about anyone who has a PC. You can copy it to your cell phone or other device.


I'm moving this thread to the PhotoShow part of the forum where you might find some other threads that will help.




Of course the above is NOT going to be a complete training on the program but it should give you enough to start with. Please come back and ask any questions that I did not cover or that you are unsure of.

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Too bad, all those pretty pictures and instructions and the OP hasn't been back since she did the original post I even sent her a p.m. offering to help her personally but there was no response. I guess she was really frustrated.


For others, don't wait until you get that frustrated before you ask for help. Just make sure you know what software you have and explain the problem fully.

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