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Question About Emc-10



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No, that little preview does not affect the rate of encoding. What does affect the speed is your video card/chip and/or your selection for encoding.


If you have a NVidia or AMD video card that are CUDA or Stream enabled, then encoding might go faster. In place of the preview screen, you will get either of the words depending on what you have. What video card or chip (Graphic Processing Unit) do you have?


Also encoding to the same quality and format should result in a gray preview with a swirl in it. That means that the video is already DVD compliant so no encoding is required.


If you don't know, please provide this information. dxdiag (link to how to get the information). Do not post the text file; ATTACH it via "More Reply Options"


BTW, some people report that using software encoding gives faster encoding than hardware encoding but I think those are special cases.


Edit: I'm not sure that EMC 10 even had the ability to make use og CUDA and STREAM technology. EMC 10 is very old in computer terms.

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