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.vob File Conversion To Dv For Fce?





I am hoping to convert .vob files to DV so that I can use them in Final Cut Express HD (very limited in the type of files it will work with). Will toast 11Pro make this conversion? I noticed it will convet to .mov but I didn't notice how to convert to DV.


Thanks for your help!!

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Yes, DV is one of the conversion options. It's best with VOBs to keep them in their VIDEO_TS folders when adding to Toast. One method is to access the titles using the VIDEO_TS folders setting in the Toast Convert window. The other is to place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop or in the Movies folder (presuming it is on the hard drive rather than on a DVD disc) and choose DVD from the video tab in the Toast Media Browser. From there you can select the titles to add to the convert window. This way you gain access to the Toast editor which lets you select specific segments of a title if you don't want the entire video.

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