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How Can I Record My Friends Voices Over Xbox Live With My Voice Also?



I want to do commentaries with my friends over xbox live but i do not know how to record my voice and my friends voice in the Xbox live Party at the same time.


I have two options that says "Line (Roxio GAMECAP) and "Microphone (Realtek High Defini"


The "Line (Roxio GAMECAP) lets me record my friends voice through my xbox, though it does not record mine. And the "Microphone (Realtek High Defini" lets me record mine through my laptop, but not my friends voice through my xbox.


Please if anyone can tell me how to make it so i can record me and my friends voice thorugh my xbox at the same time It would be greatly appreciated.

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I have made a video on exactly how to do this :) i just haven't updated the forums recently


This is the link -

- this is how i record.. and it works :) if you do happen to see this reply maybe give me a comment on the video saying if it helped you (maybe say you saw it on the forums) :)


Good luck!

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