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Says Invalid Operating System - I'm Using Win7 Pro?





I've recently obtained the software through the recovery system of Corel Support. I got the .exe download, unzipped, and right after it asks what language to install in, it tells me that I'm using an invalid operating system? I'm using Win7 Pro with SP1. Do I need to download the GC SP1, as well, or what?



I know my build is more than proficient enough to run this. What's up?


Thank you all!

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Please check that your Win 7 hasn't been told to run the executable in a compatibility mode, since in several of the Roxio suites that will cause the error message you report.


Right-click the executable and select properties.

Go to the Compatibility tab, and see if the box 'Run this program in compatibility mode for . . ' isn't checked.

If it is, uncheck it and then click OK. Now run the executable to try and install once more.


I don't know if that's the cause of your problem, but it's worth checking.

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