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Convert Utube Videos... 40 Seconds Of Silence At The Start



Hello folks

A lot of my utube conversions have about 40 seconds of silence and a still image at the start. I haven't pinpointed the exact length of time, but it is consistantly about 40 seconds... never 10 or 20 and never 60 seconds, so it can't be a random thing. When the music starts, it does not start at the beginning, so I assume it is starting at the 40 second mark. Yes, I have checked, and all the files say to start at 0:00:00. Any ideas how to fix this? Mac 10.8 and 8gb ram.


Related issue?

I don't know if it is a slider to choose the image associated with the video file, but along the top of the timeline there is a blue triangle that always points to the 1:00 mark unless I back it up to the 0:00 mark.




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I just noticed some silences are shorter...about 8 seconds, but always consistantly the same length with the same video. Could it have something to do with the yellow marker along the time line on the utube buffer bar?


Any ideas?


I don't think I can be any help at all with this. When I've tried to use Toast's web video to capture YouTube videos I get nothing. I can capture Vimeo but not YouTube. So I'm not certain how you are capturing the videos. I also haven't updated to Mountain Lion as yet. Which version of Toast 11 are you using? I'm not sure what you're looking at when you refer to the timeline and the yellow marker in the buffer bar. Is that the window after you click the edit button? I believe there is a marker for the poster frame that appears as a thumbnail after the video is exported. The other markers are for the segments you want excluded from the export.

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