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Create Compilation Blu-Ray Disc



Combining many videos onto one Blu-Ray disc using Toast 11 on an iMac with OS 10.7.4. Used 'DVD-Video' in the drop-down menu (upper left), dragged in Video_TS folders and burned a 50G BD-R Dual Layer. The disc plays fine on my external Firewire 800 external burner but will not play on the BR player connected to the television.


Why won't the BR disc play on the BR player?


Many thanks!

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Probably because the Blu-ray player isn't programmed to read a VIDEO_TS folder burned to Blu-ray media. When the Blu-ray media is recognized by the player it is looking for the authoring of a Blu-ray video or, depending on the player, it also will look for data content.


What you've done is useful, however, because your videos are now in MPEG 2 format. There are a couple ways you can proceed:


One way is to make a Blu-ray video from those standard-definition MPEG 2 videos. Presuming you have Toast's Blu-ray plugin choose that as the format in the video window. Insert the burned disc in your Blu-ray drive and choose DVD in the Video tab of the Toast Media Browser. There you should be able to access the individual video titles on the disc. Drag them to the main Toast window. Click the Customize... button in the Options panel of the main Toast window and then click Encoder and Custom to open the custom encoder settings window. Choose Never Re-encode. When you have the menu the way you want choose Save as Disc Image. Toast should multiplex the videos and author a Blu-ray video disc image. When that is done eject the burned Blu-ray disc, insert a new blank disc and burn the .toast disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window.


Another option depends on whether your Blu-ray player supports playing videos, photos and music from data discs. (Mine does). In this case choose the DVD-Rom (UDF) setting in the Toast Data window to burn the videos that are either from the Blu-ray disc or from their previous source (if it is compatible with the player) and burn your disc. A problem with this method is you have no menu. The player displays the individual files in its main window. You can test this with a few videos on a DVD disc just to see how your player will handle it.

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