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Adding A Watermark/icon Or Emblem To A Dvd Being Burned? Is It Possible With Roxio?


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Hey gang,


I am needing to add a Watermark, Icon or Emblem to a series of DVD's I will be burning. Is it possible to do so in ROXIO?


Any help would be appreciated.






As you know, Roxio has many current and previous programs. You didn't give us a hint on which one you want to work with or which application within the program (there are up to about 30) you want to use.


If I put on my crystal ball, you are using Video Wave or Edit Video Advanced to make your production. The easiest way would be to add your mark as an overlay to each of the videos that you put on a DVD. You could also put a mark on the Menu by doing something similar.


With more information, we could be a lot more specific on how to do it.

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