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Burning Data Files On To Cd-R



I am having great difficulty burning some PDF files to a CD-R. The CD-Rs that I am using have been stored in my cupboard for several years. Does anyone kknow a reason why older CD-Rs should prresent such difficulty. I am using Roxio Creator 2010 and in my frustration I ordered the 2012 version and am awaiting its arrival.

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Writeable media has a shelf-life. The active layer is made from dyes which degrade slowly from the moment the disc is made.


Much has been written on the life of burned discs [5 years, 10 years? Who knows] but blank discs also degrade in storage. Shelf life is affected by materials used and manufacturing processes, and also storage conditions after manufacture.


How long will they last? Like burned discs, nobody really knows. Look it up on the Internet and you'll find all sorts of different estimates from all sorts of people. I can assure you that fresher, well-manufactured discs which have been stored properly are likely to live longer than others.




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