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Photoshow 5 - No Photos Uploaded For 2012

Mary Jane


I've had Photoshow 5 for some 7 years and I love making photoshows with it. I pay my annual fees every year automatically and I paid for 2012 on Dec 27, 2011 and the reference number is #18178677. I WAS SICK THIS YEAR AND DID NOT WORK ON ANY PROJECTS LIKE THIS UNTIL NOW. I WAS GETTING READY TO MAKE A PHOTOSHOW FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER FOR HER BIRTHDAY AND REALIZED THAT NO PICS WERE DOWNLOADED INTO MY PHOTOSHOW 5 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2012.

That was on Monday, so I have been talking to some 7 or 8 different phone numbers, sent 2 or 3 emails, and the bottom line after talking to a supervisor today is that he told me they do not have any customer service for Photoshow 5 anymore. That I can use Photoshow 6 but cannot help me transfer any photos from 2012 into my Photoshow 5.


I am very frustrated, disappointed and angry because I've been trying to work with Photoshow 6 and it is very difficult and frustrating to do anything with. 1st: Is there anyway I can transfer photos from my computer into Photoshow 5? 2nd: If not, does anyone know how I can complain to someone higher up in Corel/Roxio. I understand Corel is now part of the group and I would guess they made the decision to drop Photoshow 5 support and did not notify any of its customers.


The supervisor I talked to said I should send an email and give them some suggestions on how to make Photoshow 6 easier like Photoshow 5. That's a joke......why drop something that is superior and keep the less superior product and try to change it. To be honest at this point, I would like to find a new program or product to replace what I have, Does anyone know of a good program to make a slide show with and put music to and then be able to make a DVD? Did you say Photoshow 5---I thought so. Just joking, but I am serious.


Looking forward to a reply from someone. Mary Jane Riney


I removed you email address (you don't want spammers).

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Mary Jane. You posted this issue without your experience with Roxio a couple of days ago and I responded. Since you question was with PhotoShow 5, I moved your posts there with a link to it. Did you look?


The files are NOT transferred to PhotoShow 5 per se. PhotoShow 5 simply provides you a link to the files. You must tell it where the files are. In that first post, I provided an image and a question. Here is the image again:




I provided that image and question and askied for a screenshot of what you see. Evidentally you didn't see that request. Just to show what I get, here is another screen shot.




Do you have the program pointed at the folder where you have saved your images? If it is not in the list, they will not show up.


Please come back and post a screen shot of your files listing just like the one above. Perhaps I can walk you through it.


Now it is a low possibility that the program has become corrupted after all these years. If so, do you have a copy of it somewhere on your computer that you can reinsatll?

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Thank you for answering me so fast. I have been busy and I work on this intermittently. I went to Start and Preference and the same things you show checked are checked on my Photoshow 5. Does this mean that I can put in a CD with the pictures and it will download to my Photoshow 5? Also you asked about the screen with folders........I'm not sure how to make a copy and attach.......I will tell you what it shows....... PHOTOS ON MY PC...MY PICTURES...(Names of the Files in computer such as.....Winter 2011-2012).....The names I have on my files under my pictures in my computer is how they are listed.


They never gave me a physical program.......they installed it on my computer.......Program is working great (so far) except there are no Photo Files added from MY PICTURES for 2012.


I have some things to do now, but will check back with you later today. I truly appreciate your help concerning this matter and thank you again. Mary Jane

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Good morning !


It has been awhile hasn't it?


Where did you get the cd? If you have a cd, you must put it in your computer, create a new folder on your comp0uter and copy the pictures to that folder. PhotoShow does not do that automatically. I think that you might be able to put the cd into your computer and point PhotoShow to it. It may be able to work with those pictures but the cd has to be in the computer whenever you want to work with those pictures.


If you don't have a cd. you must create a new folder on your computer or you can use the suggested folder that you get when you insert a USB connector from your computer to your camera OR when you take the memory card out of your camera and insert it into your computer's card reader. Windows will automatically start reading the camera or the card and offer to download the pictures. Then you must point PhotoShow 5 to the new folder.


Do you have a wireless network in your house (internet to computer)? If so, I have a suggestion for you.


How old is your version of PhotoShow? Is is branded Roxio or is it earlier than that? Did it come on your computer? If so you may be able to get a copy from them or look on e-bay. You cannot get a copy of PhotoShow 5 from Roxio anymore. You could up to a couple of months ago.


As for screen shots, you can read about how to do it here (link). For ease, I use the free Jing. If you want to post an image or a file, make sure you select "More Reply Options" to the lower right of your reply box and then to the lower left, select browse to the file and then attach the file.


HAve you tried using PhotoShow 6? What are your complains about it; perhaps I can help.

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Digital Guru: You are not going to believe this. Last night I was getting ready to put my CD in the computer and opened up my Photo Show 5 to see if I could take the pictures off of it and put them in my Photo Show 5 and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED??????????? Someone at Roxio saw my emails that I had sent them complaining or maybe it was the Supervisor I had talked to....but who/whatever ...... the pop up came on and said it was posting new files in my program. All of the 2012 pictures went into my computer. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. I haven't wrote them yet, but plan to today. Somehow someone fixed it so that my Photo Show 5 can not put pictures on my computer into the Photo Show 5 program. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!


Just wanted to Thank you again for your help and if I ever have any questions again, I will most definitely post it on this site. Your attention and response was very much appreciate. I'll keep you posted on happenings on my Photo Show 5 results, and now I can get started on that Photo Show for my granddaughter.


THANKS AGAIN..........Mary Jane

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