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Toast 11 Imac/apple Tv Audio Question

Paul Freeman 1


Hi all,

I'm new here and need some advice, as I am at my wits end !!!!!!!!!


I have (and new to iMAC) a iMac computer and Apple Tv.


I have been trying (using various programs ) to Back Up my DVD's into iTunes, to then be able to select and stream them onto the Apple tv to watch at will.


My issue is regarding the sound, I have been able to copy the film onto the computer and then into I tunes without issue, however when I come to stream them, I cannot get them to play in 5.1 Audio, no matter what I do.


I have tested my system and all is set up and works fine, and when I buy a film from iTunes, this plays 5.1 without issue, so I can say without any problem the system works fine.


I went into Apple and they suggested I purchase Toast Platinum, but am less than willing to spend a fortune on software that will not sort my issue out, but more than happy if it does :)


Any Suggestions would be well appresciated


Many Thanks in advance





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Most encoders that convert MPEG 2 video to h.264 re-encode the audio as 2.0. Toast does that, too. The exception I've found is ElGato's Turbo264 HD encoder. As I recall it can be configured to include just 2.0 or both 2.0 and 5.1. I'm not sure how you select the 5.1 audio playback for AppleTV. You might check ElGato's forums for more info.

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