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[Xbox] Component Set To Hdtv But Not Working.



Hi there.

So my setup is as follows. I have from the Xbox to capture card connected with Xbox component cable and it is set to the HDTV setting on the cable. From the game capture card I'm connected through component cable to a HDMI converter and that is connected via HDMI to my monitor. When it's switched to HDTV on the Xbox cable I get a No Signal status in the capture software and just a blank screen both on pc and my Xbox monitor. The monitor doesn't detect the HDMI cable that's connected however as soon as i switch it to the TV setting the picture appears and I get a signal but with diminished quality and lots of input lag. Any suggestions?


All cables are connected as they should be. I've double checked.

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Why are you using a converter?.


Sounds like your HDMI converter is not converting the HD component signal. What type of converter is it.


Is it like this




It's simply because the monitor I use for Xbox has no component inputs but has HDMI, VGA and DVI.

The converter is this one... http://www.amazon.co...ils_o02_s00_i00

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So here's an update!


Have tried as suggested using the converter to a dvd player and it works fine. Also I've tried disconnecting the capture card and just connecting xbox through component to hdmi converter then hdmi to monitor and this gives a HD picture even when the xbox cable is switched to TV. It's cleary better quality than I was getting with the capture card connected.


Could the card be the problem then?

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I'm now thinking it could be a HDCP handshake problem? When just the hdmi cable is plugged into xbox and monitor it's fine but it seems perhaps with the converter the monitor is not accepting the handshake?


Your converter says it is HDCP compliant!!!!!

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