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Help: Video Device Failed

NinjaPizza Productions


hi there I just received my roxio I plugged it into my PC no problems. I then installed the software and restart my PC and again i have no problems but when i run the program and continue to the capture software I get this message (image attached) "Select video device failed" it then wont allow me to use the software or capture device!


Please Help!





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Seems like you have installed it wrong.


The correct method is to install the software 1st..... then plug in the USB capture device.


Go into your Device Manager, and see if you have 2 entries like this:



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Hey, I'm having the same problem with mine.. When I have the capture card connected to computer the two entries you have on the pic do appear but I always get that, "Select video device failed" message :l I've installed and uninstalled the software twice already... Here's some of my specs: Windows 7 Home Premium, Sytem type: 64-bit, RAM 5.00 (4.75 GB usable), AMD Phenom II X2 511 Processor 3.40 GHz. Please help. I'm dying to make game commentaries. </3

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I too am having the same problem with "Select video device failed" just today. It worked just fine yesterday when I was recording and I haven't touched any cables/programs between then and when I started having the problem today.


-I have the two device files located in device manager.

-The device is registering as plugged in, as I can find it manually on my computer in multiple places like sound recording devices showing it works properly, but I always get the red No Signal status.


I've tried the following and none worked:

-Uninstalling through control panel, reinstalling Roxio Gamecap from the CD, same error.

-Uninstalling through CD, installing from hard drive, same error.

-Trying the device on my laptop, same error.

-Restoring to an older point, reinstalling once more, same error.


Not sure whats left to try other than a full system restore, but I'd rather not do that since I have a ton of videos and games on my hard drive which would take too long to get redownloaded.

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You could try this:



With the Roxio USB Device plugged in, right click the two entries in Device Manager, and click uninstall.


Unplug the USB Device from the PC and reboot the PC.


When the PC is up and running place the installation disc in a drive and run repair when it's offered. When it's finished reboot the PC.


When the PC is up and running open device manager and plugin the Roxio USB Device and verify the 2 Roxio Game Cap entries are there. See if that gets you going.

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Tried that, still get the same error.


Edit Oct 1st 2:39pm CST: Okay just got my old dinosaur of a laptop that I never had Roxio on before out and tried the installation process on it to test, and to my surprise it worked on that, however the specs of the laptop will not allow it to record proper.

So now I can rule out it actually being an issue with the device since it works proper as far as not getting the "select video device failed" error, just my computer. So now I only need to ask, how to completely remove all traces and registries of Roxio off this computer? I did uninstall it several times before, but apparently running the uninstaller from either the CD or the Control panel does not completely remove Roxio's programming.

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You never responded to this post yet http://forums.suppor...-red-no-signal/


Ogdens, kickassempress5 claims to have the original "game capture device" so now he's in the correct forum but still hijacking other folks post's. The post you linked is his me too in RGC HD Pro.


Same here i have the original game capture device and i cannot get a signal does the cable connected to the xbox need to be off the tv setting? thats all i can think of
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