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Toast Not Mounting Disc Images



I am running toast 11.0.6, mac OS 10.7.4.


Saved .toast image files using Toast. Attempting to burn DVD from image.


Copy screen receives selection of file, box highlights, but Toast cannot mount the image, and the file does not show in the copy window. Drag and drop or select button yields same result.


Case number 013895585


Finder mounts image unless Toast still trying to mount it, in which case an error shows up "resource temporarily unavailable".


Speculation is that OS upgrade broke ability of Toast to mount the disc image and make it ready for copying.


Speculation is that in background Toast keeps trying, and makes the resource fork unavailable for Finder.


Toast did crash after several attempts to access .toast image files. Speculating that multiple attempts are running in a loop in the background.


Work around of copying image file to another location also fails.


Looks like we need a Toast update!

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