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I Need Instal Roxio In Mi Other Computer

Gregory IIUII


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I have a new computer, and I wish install Roxio into it, but I lost mi register number. I had it install in mi other computer. Can I copy the files and expect it to work?



How I can I get a new code?

If someone else could give me yours, I would be very grateful

No you cannot copy files from one computer to the next and expect it to work. It has to be installed properly.

Also nobody here will send you their "code" as it will not work anyway.


Do you even still have the install program? If not then you are dead in the water.

If you still have it and registered then you can look up your "code" by logging in under Support/Product Registration.

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Read this:




If this does not help you, you can contact Roxio if you want to, but as the info on the link I provided says they will NOT provide one if you have lost it.. On the top of this page, click on Support and follow directions for help.


We are just fellow users like you, and can not provide you with a CD Key.



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Sorry if I remain aggressive, i don´t like to discuss with you, but i belive it is stupid. I bought this product on-line, in the oficial shop, with credit target. I can´t know why they don´t give us a new code if they know that our products are original


I'll read it, thank you very much to both

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Pff, how Can I regist my code?

I have all the information excep the number...

This problem is very normally, And I do not understand how a product can be as expensive as absurd problems. For starters, who would think to put the code in a paper bag?


What does the above bolded text mean? Does it mean that you do have the install program?


If you had it installed on another computer, did you register the software with Roxio? If you did, click on the link that Ogdens supplied in Post #4 of this thread, and read how to find your key code.


If you did not register it, when you installed it on your other computer, that is YOUR bad.

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When buying software online, you are advised to keep a copy of the software and also a copy of the email they send to you which shows you the keycode.


When you install it you are invited to Register the software, and that keeps a copy of your keycode in a safe place where you can query it online later on if you lose the copy of the email.


Since you had two chances to save your keycode but didn't take either of them, you can't really protest if they don't want to have to look up all your paperwork at their shop and then give you a new one.


HOWEVER, ALL IS NOT LOST. If you have the software installed on another machine you can use the FREE Belarc Advisor which you can download here http://www.belarc.co...e_download.html. Install and run it on the machine that has your Roxio software installed, and it should tell you the keycode for the Roxio program.


Please remember that you are only allowed to run this software on one machine, so after you have installed it on the second machine you must uninstall it from the first machine.




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