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Roxio 2012 Pro Problem



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You have wrecked your software :huh:


If you use a Registry Cleaner, un-install it and throw it away!


If it is part of your AV, disable it!!!


To fix it after that:

Turn OFF any Anti Virus software as well as any Firewalls


Start to install the program only choose
when it is offered.


After it completes you can turn ON your AV & Firewalls then reboot.


You will need to check for any updates

That should do the trick ;)

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Yes I did look at it but it does not give us much more than the error message.


Here it is opened up:

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - This is a simple message (test)

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - WARNING: This is a warning (test)

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - ERROR: This is an error (test)

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - Security Library version:

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - Initializing Product

FeatureName: RoxioCentral60

Language: MUI

Silent: 0

CheckForUpdatesNow: 1

CheckForUpdatesSilent: 1

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - CheckFeatureName:

Current FeatureName: RoxioCentral60

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 - Saved FeatureName: RoxioCentral60

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 RoxioCentral60 - LoadCertificates

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 RoxioCentral60 - Number of vectors found: 1

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 RoxioCentral60 - IsValidProductCode

09/02/12 22:23:24 x86 RoxioCentral60 - ERROR: InstallDateTime was not found for: {77CDA026-3860-4C95-8233-34F3CEF121FB}

09/02/12 22:23:28 x86 RoxioCentral60 - InitProduct returning: 0

09/02/12 22:23:28 x86 RoxioCentral60 - Security Library is exiting


I was hoping that the Repair would be enough to restore the missing parts ;)


Some AV software prevents installers from completing all tasks, which is why we want to disable them before Install or Repair.


I think what you need to try next is to uninstall the program through Windows Control Panel ~ Programs and Features.


I would then Reboot and do a normal Install (AV Off)


One thing I am curious about? Was XP installed in English or another language? Roxio uses the language that Windows was installed with to determine what it will run in. This can lead to some other problems but not the one you have been seeing.


Try the uninstall/reboot/install cycle and let's see where that takes us.

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Jim_Hardin , windows xp is english language and i install persian too , ok ,i use all parts of roxio creator such as creator classicd , video copy and.. but when i want to see main page of program , i see error , ok i disable trustport 2013 and i remove completely and install it again , i hope to fix my problem , wait pls...

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thank you , i uninstalled and disable trustport 2013 and install again problem is fixed, but i offer contact trustport company( trustport internet security 2013 ) to fix problem forever so thanks ! :) i used roxio easy creator 2006 and all of next versions and love this powerfull software !



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i removed and disable trustport internet security 2013 and install again , problem is fixed: , but i offer contact av companies and fix problem forever so thanks i used roxio creator from 2006 and next versions and i love this powerful software :P






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That is great!


I don't know that I would be too harsh on Trustport. It may have been a problem for the first install and not really reached by the Repair. You should be able to run it now (Trustport) just set it up so that it leaves your Registry alone :huh:


But they do offer support so contact may yield you some information...


Glad it started working! Nothing more frustrating than software you can't use :lol:

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thanksd my friend , when i use video copy ( dvd video) sometimes roxio is crashed and closed and dvd drive crashed until reboot ( cant eject door manually until reboot windows) how i do fix it?( mostly double layer 8.5gb problem) my drive is lg 24x sata dvdram-gh24ns90

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