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Toast 8.0.5 Failing To Create Dvd - Filling Ram Cache 4%, 0% Completed

Will C



Apologies if this has been covered - I was not sure what to search for.


I have several programmes I download as .ts files - these are DVB standard def MPEG transport streams and play fine with VLC. I then convert them to .mpeg files using MPEG Streamclip which removes the unnecessary data and remuxes to an MPEG2 programme stream. It is pretty quick and only take a few minutes for a 1 hour programme - there is no transcoding.


The .mpeg file produced also plays fine in VLC (and looks as good as the .ts original)


I then open Toast and drag the .mpeg file to the DVD window - it 'goes in' happily and I can adjust the still frame, in and out etc etc.


If I then either try to burn a DVD Toast fails to produce a useable DVD - I can see it has burned something. If I save as a disc image, I get a tiny file - only about 800KB - the source file is over 2GB. In both cases I noticed that the Multiplexing is far too fast - it only take a couple of minutes for a 1 hour programme. It is then followed by 'Filling RAM Cache - 4%' which sits at 4% and 0% Completed for a few minutes before Toast declares it has finished.


Anyone have any suggestions? - normally I love Toast and it has worked so well for me in the past. I think I have tried deleting preferences but it is possible I may have missed a file or two.


By the way for anyone who wonders why not watch with VLC, I like to put programmes on DVD to post to older relatives who prefer to watch TV on a TV.


Thanks for reading.

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Sorry but I'm stumped by this. Something you might try is exporting from Streamclip as elementary streams. Then drag just the .m2v to Toast. Toast will ask you to locate the audio stream if it can't find it on its own.


You also mention adjusting the in and out. I expect that would be done in Streamclip. I'm not sure how you're doing that in Toast 8.

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Thanks Eugene for the response - sorry I have taken so long to say so.


I will try exporting elementary streams from Streamclip - though it may be a while....


I recollect being able to set the in and out points of the clip from within Toast but of course I cannot now do it! - so maybe I was wrong about that.

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