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Error When Burning Blueray



I just installed NXT, an upgrade from 09/10/11 to now.


I have been burning DVDs with Creator for years, but now with I'm getting an error: 'Failed to initalize authorscript, error while opening project'.


I am using an: LG WH14NS40 HL-DT-ST-BD-RE Disc Drive, and atempting to burn an 'MP4' BlueRay Video. I even tried using NXTs Video Converter to Blue-ray, but it didn't even seem to be accepted as a burn file?


I have tried MyDVD, with and without menu. I have tried Edit Video Advanced. When I hit playback in MyDVD it either plays quickly, or scans over and over until it does. I have now wasted 4 memorex BD-R 6X 25GB Single Layer Blue-ray Discs. The programs sees the empty disc.. allows to enter 'Burn'.. opens Burn window.. does the first part, and then goes to Completed.. then Error message.


Help... what am I doing wrong? How do I stop getting the error failure, and stop wasting discs. I have watched the movie with no problems.









My PC: MSI 990FXA-GD65, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, MSI R7770 GPU, 2X4GB Kingston HyperX 1600, Zalman 9900T CPU Cooler, CoolMax ZU900 PSU, LG Blue-ray 6X Burner Drive, LITEON iHAS224 DVD/RW, Antec P180B Case.

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No I have not. I have been in contact with support. They gave me instructions using 'VodeoWave' with Import and Export to MyDVD.. still the burn error. Wow.. am I wasting discs.


I appreciate your responce. Timimg is everything..that's what they say anyhow. I am moving.. from today until I hope the 17th I might not be online. I want to get this working, and will take any help I can get. I feel like a test subject for NXT.. I bought it early... lets fix this possible bug.



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You ALWAYS use a BD-RE unless you know it will work! If you are wasting disc, it because you choose to do so...


As Steve mentioned, the AuthorScript error has been with is since Roxio invented it :lol:


It is maddening, as it does not happen all the time...


The Procedures (link) that Steve outlined in Post #2 work the majority of the time!


For the really persistent ones... You can't keep doing it the same way, you must change something :huh:


What has always worked for me in those cases is to use VideoWave and the Export As.


Then start a New MyDVD Project and add the exported file(s) from VW to it.


I also create a Folder Set from MyDVD, which I prefer over the ISO file and NEVER burn directly to a disc!!!


If the Folder set or ISO creates without an error, then it will burn to disc ;)


Try it exactly as I outlined and let us know if it works.

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