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Can't Burn Cd After Upgrade To 11.1 From 11.06



Upgraded to 11.1 from 11.0.6 today. Certificate was defective, but I went ahead anyway - a mistake. This update was awkward, requiring my exec password 3 separate times.

Following this I tried to burn some routine audio CDs. Rather than the usual sequence, burning the lead-in and then all the tracks sequentially, the window flickered with buffer percentages. It never completed the process and I had to force-quit the program.

I then reinstalled from the original Toast 11 DVD, and restarted my computer (Mac Pro OS 10.7.4). This put me back to version 11.0.0, which at least works.

Question: When can I trust Roxio to give us an update release that actually works? From the number of different complaints in this forum, this update was clearly NOT ready.

Anyone else have similar problems?

Thank you - kajz

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Use the Toast 11.0.4 update available in Roxio's software updates page instead of 11.0.0 if you aren't going to use 11.1. You can have multiple versions of Toast 11 on your Mac. For instance, make a duplicate of the 11.0.4 Toast and add 11.0.4 to its file name and then update the original to 11.1.


Roxio posted a newer 11.1 update today so you might give that a try. The problem you experienced might have been fixed by trashing the Toast plist and prefs files and relaunching Toast.


I was able to burn an audio CD with 11.1 yesterday. What format are the audio files you wanted on the CD?

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