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List Copying And Music Search Features Removed

John Yuelkenbeck


I'm on Toast 11.1 on a Mac.


First issue: When making custom audio mix CDs in previous versions, I've been able to do a Select All and Copy, then Paste into other programs to get a quick track list. For instance, I could paste the list (number, title, and length) into Mail and send a track list to the client for approval. Or I could paste it into InDesign for quickly formatting the insert tray of the jewel case. This feature no longer works. Any chance of getting it back?


Second issue: Also removed is the "review" feature between audio tracks. I used to be able to hold down the Previous or Next button and instead of skipping all the way back to the beginning or ahead to the next, I could go cue through the track to whatever point I wanted. This is essential for checking crossfades. But it no longer works.


Is this progress? I expect upgrades to add to my experience, not take away from capabilities I'm used to.

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Roxio rewrote Toast 11.1 which I expect is why some things didn't make it into the update. You can still use the earlier versions of Toast 11 for your audio projects and use 11.1 for other things, if desired.


I can confirm the info in the window cannot be copied to the clipboard. The only workaround I can think of is to do a screen capture of the Toast window to place in the email.


You can still preview the crossfades by selecting the custom crossfade window and clicking the preview button. That's probably not as handy for you as your method, which I didn't know about until you described it.

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