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Roxio (Semi)Audio Problem With Other Programs.



First at Record Devices the "Listen to device" is enabled for Roxio GameCap.


However the can't hear the audio or is at bad quality of distortion.


When I start Roxio Game Capture WHEN I click on opition. The Audio is fixed is fully normal at that moment each time I do that .

(Mind that of course I hear double audio. Since I got Roxio GameCap at "Sound > Recording > Listen to device enabled".


After I close Roxio Game Capture Software. My audio is not double and only hear one sound. So no problem so far.


The moment I start Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder it gets back being very bad quality. There is not much of "audio settings" for that program.


Add note I can't run Roxio Game Capture Software at same time with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder since it can only work with 1 program at the time.

so I can't use Roxio Game Capture Software option that and can't fix the audio.


I want to use Adobe one for livestreaming but only problem I have is with audio.


My question is what's excautly causing it to be so much in bad quality in first place?


Other minor things.

- Disabled anti-virus uninstalled and installed it along with SP1 done that

- Skype is installed? heard was problem but can't see what settings i need to disable since can't remove it from the list.

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DON'T USE ADOBE Flash Encoder for streaming. It is the worst for streaming when you have things like xSplit out there that has a free version that works very well with the roxio.

xSplit can source audio from the roxio game capture instead of having to set up a listen to device/stereo mix.

i use xSplit for my Twitch.tv stream.

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