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3D Reald Is Not An Option



I am trying to convert an HD video to REALD. MYDVD is allowing me to select REALD but the result is always ANAGLYPH.


I tried opening the video file in VideoWave then export it as the PDF instructions state but there are no options in the wizard window for 3D format anywhere! What gives or what am I missing? I have a 3D system to play the intended REALD formatted video on.

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Do you have the Pro version of Creator?


Is your HD video 3D?


When you open Video Wave (Edit Video -Advanced) select 3D wide screen. Then select 3D or 2D. If 2D, wait for the conversion. Edit the video (if you wish) and then output the video to Real. The option is there.


If you already have a video file that you want to burn to a disc (or ISO or folder) , open Create DVD, select 3D, select the type of disc and use the drop down under it to get RealD. Set it to encode (birn to a disc (not recommended yet) or to an image file (ISO or to a folder set. I don't know why you get an anaglyph rather than RealD. I just tried it making a RealD file. When it was encoding, I could see the 3D preview.


I don't believe that copy and convert will make a RealD conversion.

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I have Creator 2012 Special Edition sold through Costco. The product advertizes that it will create both anaglyph and REAL-D. MYDVD allows me to select either of the types. I can create anaglyph but even though I select HD REAL-D as my output it only creates anaglyph.


The subject video is HD but not 3D. That is why I am trying to convert it to 3D REAL-D either side by side or top over bottom for my theater 3D computer to display it onto my projectors 3D system.


I also have installed NVIDIA 3DTV Play that will allow the active glasses on the projector system to display in 3D mode.

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I have a NVidia card, the emitter and the glasses and I am able to make and watch 3D videos. Are you able to see 3D with any files or DVDs?


Are you basing the problem description by looking at the preview of the video (lower right button with arrowhead) ? Select to burn and then select to burn to a file. Watch the preview of the encoding you should be able to see if it is anaglyph or 3D from the burning preview. I just checked and it was easy to see the side by side videos.

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I don't have the 3D equipment for playback but let's review all the steps for creating a 3D Project from a 2D Source...


You Start the Project either like this or through the Menu - File-New Project:

(note this is NXT)



Tell it the Source:



Wait for it...



But you can set HOW it will display on your screen:



Anything there look like it is missing from your steps??? (other than RealD is not listed in NXT)

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You can't use Videowave or Video Copy and Convert for this, you must use MyDVD if you have it.


In MyDVD in Creator 2012 - which does allow RealD selection - hitting the Preview button [the blue triangle] when RealD is selected always shows me an anaglyph preview.



But, hitting the red Burn button brings up this type of display, and creates a side-by-side output.



Have you got to the preview button, seen anaglyph and stopped?

If so, go further to the Burn button and you should see a side-by-side display in progress, and in your final output.

You can only output to disc, disc image, or folder set.



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