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Disaster Recovery/restore Selected Files Is Taking Too Long...is It Ok?



Hi everyone.

Yesterday my computer was stolen, it was an hp compaq mini CQ10 netbook with windows xp on, and Roxio BackOnTrack installed.

About 1 month ago that computer suddenly stopped loading windows, bringing up the well known blue screen, so I tried to figure out what was going on, finally solving the problem with roxio BackOnTrack (which I did not know until then that was pre-installed on pc, infact I discovered it by accidentally pressing F6, if I well remember, on startup, while trying to access the bios).

Anyway, as I said I solved the problem by loading a previously saved state, but I thought it might be a good idea to also do a backup of all my files. I did it with BAckOnTrack, as it braked down the backup file into smaller files, to be saved on my FAT32 formatted hdd.

Now I really say thanks to myself for doing that, as work of years was on that computer.

Today I purchased an electronic copy of BackOnTrack Suite, installed it in an Acer running windows 7, attached my hdd with the backup on, and selected Disaster recovery/restore selected files to restore only one folder from the backup, specifically my user folder, where I kept most of my data. I choose to restore it with disaster recovery because it was the only option I had, as the backup files have the .sib extension.

Now, I started the process more than an hour ago, but it seems to me that it's stuck on the first thing that is trying to recovery, which is the cookies folder. Is it right, or is it actually stuck? Actually the first thing that tried to copy was a pdf file which could not copy, so I just ignored it as it was not at all important. What should I do, this is the second time I try, I already stopped the process and restarted it....is it because the backup is on an external usb drive? Or maybe because I am trying to restore filesfrom a pc running xp to a one running windows 7?

Please I need help, it's really frustrating to have the luck of having a backup of all my data, but not being able to recover it!


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Hi, I finally stopped the process, there must be something wrong 'cause after 2 hours or so, it was still stuck on the cookies folder.

Please if you have any idea reply, in the meanwhile I sent a copy of this message to the roxio support team, and I will try and see if I can find a solution myself, the only problem is that I have to restore those files as soon as possible!




So I am trying differet things, but nothing seems to happen. I also tried to restore a single file, with no luck, it gets stuck. Every time I start a restoring process the same "problem" dialog window appear, the one you can see in the print screen image below, I click "yes", then it starts the restoring process, but as I said, it gets stuck, no matter what I choose to restore, no matter what is the destination I choose. It's getting really annoying!


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