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Vhs Transfer To Mac Computer Audio Not In Sync After?!?




I'm using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for mac. When I'm previewing, the vhs recording, the audio is perfect in sync but after transfering it begins or just is a few secconds ahead of the picture. So in my case, I can HEAR the speaker speak before the person is speaking b/c a couple of seconds later, you SEE him speaking with zero audio b/c it justplayed ahead of time Grrrr. Any ideas on how i can sync the voice and picture so it comes out exactly as it is recorded on the VHS tape, i.e. without the delay?



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The audio sync problem seems to be a factor of too much data being written for everything to keep up. The workaround is to choose the Medium Quality setting which looks every bit as good as high quality but with h.264 encoding rather than Apple Intermediate Codec so there isn't as much to write.

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